Social commentary and vegetables


I wanted him to eat more brocolli. He did not want to.

We discussed the relevant  pros and cons of both of our positions and then we came to a compromise.

We divided his plate into 2 separate sections and all the remaining food went either into the going to be eaten camp or the rejected camp.

The solution seemed to be working well for both of us. So well in fact that I almost forgot how offensive the food actually was to him in the first place. I surreptitiously slipped a piece of brocolli across no mans land and into the socially acceptable section aka the considered good enough to be eaten pile.

He had been distracted but when he looked down at his plate the interloper was recognized instantly.

He looked up from his plate. Found eye contact with me and turned his gaze to a glare as I watched. He then slowly raised his hand to the plate and meaningfully shoved the would be chosen brocolli back across the divide and firmly onto the not going to happen side of the plate.

If it doesn’t belong, then it’s out. No reconsidering the positions once the law has been put into effect.

And then yesterday he asked for a second serving of beans and carrots, so apparently all vegetables are not created equal.

Perhaps we could all just give peas a chance.

Yes, sorry. I actually did just say that, in my defence I was only bean silly.

Ok, I’m done now.

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