Toilet Humour

giggle galaxy

I’ll be honest, I don’t get it but it would seem to me that from about the age of 2 until around about the age of 100 boys suffer from an incurable amusement with all things bathroom related.

Notably bums, poo, wee and farts.

Hilarious, or so I’m told.

The louder the sound, the more hilarious, and the more bathroom words that can be squeezed into any one sentence, equally so.

In my experience, from the time that boys can talk they like to talk about poo and when they learn to sing they like to sing about poo.

Songs like “Poo, poo poo pooooooo” sung to no tune whatsoever, simply saying a word in a child decided melodious fashion in order to hopefully distract everyone from the fact that what they are singing is not really a song. They are just using words that their mother, at least, most likely really doesn’t much care for them to be singing about.

However, there is a kind of Mexican standoff in play because telling them what you think of their choice of choice phrase only serves to fan the flames. So you at least, are well advised to pop a cork firmly in your objections.

When they get to 2 or more word sentences, sometimes they like to mix poo with wee and put a bum on your head, just because they can.

If you have been raised politely, you probably need to get over that.

A current favourite tune in our household is “A B C D poo poo poo, poo poo poo poo, poo on your head.” but really there is no need to limit yourself, any song that has any words at all can be subbed out with more boy crowd pleasing bathroom words at any stage, as the singer sees fit in order to reduce any other boy person within earshot to uncontrollable laughter.

Another of the top 2 hits in this house is “In the poo poo galaxy, yeah yeah.” sung to the tune of the Giggle Galaxy on Giggle and Hoot, ABC for Kids.

On reflection though, this song is quite probably the most honest allegorical warning song that all new mothers of small boy people best learn because life with them is most assuredly going to be the poo poo galaxy. Yeah yeah.

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