Bookmarking 101


I have never before considered a bookmark a mysterious creation, or one that has unfathomable powers that might confound a young child.

I was wrong. The bookmark as a concept is apparently quite difficult to come to terms with.

Him: “Which book?”

Me: “Any book.”

Him: “I can’t find this any book?”

Me: “I mean it doesn’t matter which book, it will work in all books, or any book, or whichever book you choose.”

A processing silence ensues during which I am certain my powerful facts of persuasion will bring him to complete understanding with only one simple sentence.

Him “Can you open this?”

Me: “No, it’s a bookmark. It doesn’t open, it just is.”

Him: “But I want the stickers inside.”

Apparently he has not yet grasped the bookmarking concept entirely. Not to worry, I can show him again.

I am resourceful.

I ask him to get me the Wiggles book, wisely using a specific book this time so there is no chance of confusion.

We start reading the book together. I get a couple of pages in and say “Now, say that it’s time for you to go and get your shoes on, I can put the bookmark…”

The rest of my sentence is drowned out by the wailing of a child that has had his wiggles reading dreams dashed by a menial task that he hasn’t understood was being used for the purposes ot explanation only.

I regain both his and my own composure by ceremoniously placing the bookmark in the wiggles book and shut it very firmly.

“Now!” I say as dramatically as one can when one is about to demonstrate the life changing prowess of a bookmark simply holding its place in a book, “When we need to find the spot we got up to, once we’ve finished putting on our shoes, we know exactly where it is. See?”

Job done, clearly there can no longer be room for any kind of misunderstanding on the whole book or marking conundrum. He seems to agree.

He settles in to play for a bit and then it really is time to go and put his shoes on so I grab the nearest book and place the bookmark inside it for safe keeping.

“No” he informs me quite knowledgeably, as he now is on all things book markery “it doesn’t go in that book, it goes in the wiggles book.”

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