Everyone knows about the why phase. It’s talked about often. I knew about the why phase. I just didn’t know it could be quite so all-encompassing or undiscerning.

“Don’t jump on your toys.” “Why?” “Because you’ll break them.” ” Why?”

“It’s time to brush your teeth?” “Why?” “Because it’s bed time.” “Why?” “Because it’s late.” “Why?”

“Don’t eat your serviette.” “Why?” “We just eat the ice cream around it.” “Why?” “Because serviettes aren’t edible.” “Why?”

Then there is the next level of the why that I really didn’t know about, that is when they really actually know why but they ask you anyway. It is even more infuriating endearing.

We had this conversation the other day;

“Can I have some milk?”

“No”, I replied “we’ve run out, we will have to go to the shops to get some more.”

“Can we go to the shops now?” was his next question.

“Ok, get your shoes and we’ll go to the shops.”


Seriously! Why what? We just discussed this and decided it together and you already know everything there is to know about it.

At other times he asks why but it seems like it’s more for some extra input, he wasn’t ever going to be satisfied with my answer, he was going to make sure to find out for himself.

“Why do we can’t have chocolate for breakfast?”

“Because it’s not healthy for us.”

“Why?” This was asked through a mouthful munching on some he found and got started on despite my radical chocolate eating ideas.


“Don’t eat your snot.”


“Because it doesn’t taste nice.” And there was me thinking that that was the end of the conversation only to be interrupted a few moments later with…

“I tasted it mummy and it tastes nice.”

I see.

The final level of why is when the parent has transcended into a supreme being of why, this is when we turn the why back on to the why-ee and discover the secrets of life unleashed by the mind of a 2 year old.

Those conversations look something like this.

“Why do we can’t go back to the tent?” (on the beach after a swim)

“Because we have to stay here and make sure your brother is safe while he’s swimming.”

“Why do we have to make sure my brother is safe?”

“Why do you think we want to make sure he is safe?”

“Otherwise we can’t take him home.”

I wasn’t sure at that point whether we would not be taking him home as some sort of punishment or whether we would be unable to take him home for some other reason. I didn’t like to ask. I didn’t want to know!


*Image from http://tech.co/why-use-social-media-2014-06


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