Conversations before bed


Procrastination is the name of the game.

“I need to find my slippers.”

“I need another book to read.”

“Not that book.”

“Bottle of milk.”

“My Puppy.”

The usual suspects that appear on the list of reasons my son can not go to bed or sleep.

When all possible wants and needs have been taken care of he may attempt to talk his way out of it.

“What did I do today mummy?”

If I can get her talking she won’t notice that I’m not sleeping must be his thinking.

Or if he’s feeling particularly cunning “I missed you today, mummy. I had a little cry”

I’ll pull on the old heart strings and she’ll want to stay with me and have numerous cuddles, that will delay having to sleep nicely!

Or he’ll suggest people that may be coming over or that we should have over so that he can get up and have dinner with them instead of being in bed.

I calmly assure him that there is absolutely no reason that will mean that he is going to be getting out of bed again today.

“I want to sleep with you mummy. In your bed.”

Finally we will have exhausted all lines of conversation to sufficiently warrant me leaving the room and him having to go to sleep. I’ll get up and leave and as I’m making my way down the passage a small child will shoot past my legs shouting over his shoulder as he goes.

“Need to go toilet”

There’s no arguing with that one.

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