It’s the future


It is a particular charm of the very young to have absolutely no concept of time. With this in mind it is always a bit of a conundrum when to tell little people things that aren’t going to be happening for a while.

Things like “We are going to visit your grandparents and we will be going on an aeroplane.”. I waited until the trip was 2 weeks away not realising that would end up being an eternity of “Can I go on an aeroplane now?” questions asked every 20 seconds.

“Can we go and pick up the boys” is another common one. It’s usually answerable with “After you’ve had your sleep.”. Since the end of his afternoon nap and the school bell happen about the same time. Sometimes now he’ll actually trot off to bed straight away to lie down. He’ll come back only moments later and say “I had a sleep.” and insist that it must therefore now be time to go.

Discovering that somebodies birthday is coming up is a sure fire way to ensure that Happy Birthday is the song on every bodies lips because a certain 2 year old can’t stop singing it until the event has past.

Later is a concept that is simply too much to cope with especially when the thing that is going to happen later is utterly desirable now.

So I usually try to give the “later” a context with events that need to happen before it unfortunately events like sleeping still seem to give him false hope.

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