I’m Dion…

I'm Dion

This is the latest catch phrase to be heard at top volume at all hours of the day and night in our house. It is usually coupled with a loud thud and then the pitter-patter of running footsteps.

Little fists are extended out in front of him in his “flying” posture, his face marked with extreme concentration.

For the uninitiated this is shorthand and toddler speak for “to infinity and beyond” with the “to infinity” infinitely too tongue tricky to be getting out in the rush before take off. Infinity also feels a lot like how long his current love affair with toy story is likely to last.

As sitting down and watching TV was one of the later “developmental milestones” my son achieved his journey to Toy Story infatuation was, I think, probably somewhat different to most.

On our drive to daycare everyday we see a graffiti picture of “Buzz Lighter” on the wall as we drive past it. It peaks out from between the adjoining house’s wall and slowly gets revealed as we edge forward in the traffic. Well before even the first hint of Buzz’s head dome has started to appear he starts to get very excited in his seat at the back. He starts wiggling, twitching and shouting “My show, my show, my show!”.

I can’t tell you how long it took me to figure out what he was talking about. The first few times he did this he didn’t really watch TV, he certainly didn’t have what I would have called a show and I hadn’t seen the painting on the wall. All I could see was a potentially loopy child going shout happy over nothing.

Did this stop me from joining in and shouting in merriment at the fabulousness of seeing his show? It did not.

He was with regularity an unhappy car passenger, crying and whining for the full 30 minutes that it took us to drive from home to daycare but as soon as we turned onto this road he would stop whining about being in the car and start anticipating seeing his “show”. So I joined in quite happily in ignorance. I think the day I did actually see his show I may have been just about as excited as he was.

Fortunately we already have pretty much all the Toy Story merchandise, procured before my time when other members of our household were having their Toy Story love affairs. We have lego, we have books, we have figurines, we have dolls, we have everything!

And now after this weekend we even have “Buzz Lighter” underpants.

On returning home after getting his underpants he stripped down to naked whipped on his new underpants, strapped on his rocket backpack, put the wings up, climbed onto his little chair, stretched out his arms and as he jumped for the sky shouted “I’m Dion!”

*Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toy_Story


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