These are the Days of our Lives


I have a colleague at work who teases me about the soap opera-esque dramas that are continually unfolding at my sons daycare.

It seemed that within a few short months of attending daycare he had met the love of his life. They were inseparable. They did everything together and in every photo they were either sitting next to each other or touching in some way; dancing, hugging or throwing sand at each other.

Then his amore got sick and was away for a week. At first glance the absence did seem to make his heart grow fonder, despite numerous attempts by the other girls to vie for his affections, none was quite the same. He asked after her everyday until she got back.

Unfortunately when she did get back, she did not bring her A game with her.

Maybe she missed her mom, maybe she still wanted to be at home and maybe she just wasn’t entirely well yet. Whatever it was, she wasn’t the same and my son noticed and decided to find someone more fun to fill his days with.

When I asked why he hadn’t played with his previously favourite friend he told me that she “…just crys all the time.” Fair enough, I guess.

So he found a new favourite to be at his side all day long and in every picture.

Also making their way into every picture were his jilted first best friends eyeball daggers into the back of her replacement. Love and jealousy, this tale is not for the feint hearted!

This next romance didn’t last as long – as they often do, or is that don’t and within 2 weeks I arrived to collect him to discover him with someone new. An older woman, from the preschool room, in the sandpit building sand castles.

From there the plot only thickened and last night he proudly announced to his father that he had spent the day playing with an even older woman. One of his teachers.

And now today – as if this sordid saga knows no bounds, I have just seen a picture of him playing the piano with who else but his first love again.

Stay tuned.

Because these are the days of our lives…

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