The times, they are a changing


“Heidi?” he asked me “Do you have another one in your tummy for me? They aren’t sharing with me.”

The previously youngest child was hoping to meet his bottom rung usurper.

He sat there taking it all in, contemplating his dubious promotion and desperate to be considered responsible enough for a cuddle. He did eventually get his cuddle and he was completely smitten by the precious bundle of beloved brother.

These days the two of them are most commonly found at opposite ends of every opinion.

Like who owns the only book that either of them has ever or will ever have any desire to read. And once confronted with the terribly unpalatable solution of having to take turns reading said book how absolutely inconceivably wrongly the other person is reading it while they have to sit complaining loudly and wait.

Then of course there are the unabashedly purely jeering remarks that only a 2 year old knows how to throw. Using the exact tone that is calculated to make even the most sensible 5 year old cry for his mummy.

Youngest brothers seem to have a special skill for finding exactly what it is that is most going to annoy their older sibling. I clearly remember a time when the middle child was exactly the same way with the oldest. Of course he doesn’t remember that time and obviously can’t see anything funny about any of this at all.

He quite simply can’t stand his little brother and would really rather he was never born, or so he will tell you if you dare to ask anything about it. If only he could at least have the decency to lie quietly underneath him when he is trying to squash him for interrupting the game he is currently playing.

And let’s not even start on how he keeps getting his fingers caught in things and injuring himself and getting everyone else into trouble as things that obviously don’t belong to him and that he’ll only break because he is too little to use them properly are snatched away from him without any kind of ceremony or explanation.

It’s hard to understand why he would feel compelled to retaliate under such obviously for the greater good circumstances.

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