Put ’em high

put em high

The youngest in this house is a rampant climber. He can and does help himself to pretty much anything he can reach and fancies. And the list of things he can’t reach grows shorter by the day.

In light of this fact the rest of the household has to put anything they hold dear “Up high” in order to avoid it being used and destroyed without their permission.

This has however created some confusion for the person whose reach most things need to be put out of.

He thinks that to put something up high is a way of showing that the item is special and important so he asks me to put his own things up high, just so they know that they are worth it.

This reminds me of a story a friend told me of how she used to check mandarin segments for seeds before giving them to her 1 year old. She would hold them up to the sunlight to see if she could see any seedy shadows inside. She obviously did this so religiously that her son never dared to eat one without first putting it up to the sun and peering at it. What he was looking for and what he would have done if he’d found it are things I suppose we’ll never know.

The one up side of all this high up-etry is that there is a simple answer to most “Where” based questions in the house.

“It’s up high.”

*Image from http://rap.genius.com/Macklemore-and-ryan-lewis-victory-lap-lyrics#note-704387


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