I did

i did

Probably the most uttered sentence in my household at the moment is “I did.”

It is the go to response for “Wash your hands please.”

“Did you flush the toilet?”

“Put your pyjamas on your bed.”

“Take your plate to the kitchen.”

It rarely has any bearing on reality.

It’s close relation is “I nam” – translation “I am.”

It works well for instructions like

“Sit down please”

“Be gentle with your brother.”

“Eat properly.” and

“Be careful with that.”

They never are.

Another go to sentence of my very young is “I do it”

This is when he feels certain that he is imminently more capable of doing the thing that needs doing than I am, even though to watch him do it without intervening is slightly more painful than stabbing needles into my own eyes.

I’m talking about things like doing his own buttons – up or down, opening his own food wrappers, pulling up his own pants or wiping his own bottom.

Whichever way it ends up, if there is a struggle or not it’s going to be messy.

Sometimes however, the surprise is all mine.

Last night I said to him “It’s time for your vitamin.”

“I’ll get it myself.” he told me.

I laughed.

The vitamins live in the top kitchen cupboard. The one my husband teased me about installing because it is so high up “no one will be able to reach it.” In a child proof bottle.

After hanging up his towel I followed him into the kitchen to find him standing on the bench munching the last of the vitamins from the bottle.

“I got it!” he proudly informed me between chews.


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