Turning things up


So the last few nights have been a bit sleepless. I’ve been taken back to a time I really didn’t enjoy the first time round. Nightly bed wetting.

In the past the sheer volume of liquid that was being dispelled was often the problem but these last few days the nappy seemed to be relatively dry. So it was all a bit of a mystery.

Since I’m not at my most intellectually astute at 2am I hadn’t really stopped to think or try and figure out any logical reason for the wettings. Mostly I was just groggy and annoyed. I don’t like being woken up, I especially don’t like being woken up to a miserable and wet child that then needs his bedsheets changed whilst trying to comfort him through the unpleasantness of being awake when you haven’t finished sleeping.

In the past some of the other usual suspects were the nappy being too big or too small but I was pretty sure we had the size right so I was a bit stumped.

Until one night he did his wetting before I had actually made it to bed in the first place. When I took his nappy off I was presented with the issue, I realised the equipment had been tampered with.

As a new mum to a boy person one of the first lessons you learn is that things need to be pointing down into the nappy when it’s put on or it really does not do much to stem the tide. Depending on how slow a learner you are will determine how many times you make the mistake however I can assure you that as the mother of a 2 year old I have this down pat. Except now as the mother of a 2 year old the 2 year old can get in there himself and rearrange things for me.

Turns out this is probably just one small part of an exciting time of discovery.

The other day when I collected him from daycare we did our obligatory trip to the bathroom before getting into the car and as he directed himself into the toilet he seemed to suddenly realise that he was in complete control of the situation and that simply aiming into the toilet was in fact a boring and poor use of his powers, so he decided to try a few alternate directions. A little to the left, a little to the right, or perhaps just straight up into the air.

I took my son out to the bathroom and he painted it yellow.


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