Wet pants


My son has a specialist skill. It’s wetting his pants. That’s not fair really but it does seem to be happening rather a lot at the moment with some very much in retrospect amusing moments.

He seemingly has no control over his temper and at the same time, often his bladder. If he does not like the answer you are giving to him on whatever the days numerous questions might be he will wet his pants, shoes and the floor in protest.

This evening after just such an interlude and accompanying tantrum we noticed a suspicious puddle in the passageway. I asked him whether his pants were wet, he is 2 after all and it is just as likely that the puddle could have originated in a bottle, or from a bath toy, or really any manner of water receptive vessels. He conceded that indeed his pants were wet and that he had in fact wet them.

“Well then we’ll need to change them. Come on, let’s get them off”

He immediately sets to taking off the clearly offending pants. Then with his pants around his knees he thought he best double check some things.

“Are my undies wet too?”

“Yes darling, your undies are wet too. Take them off and we’ll put some dry ones on.”

He starts to tug on the undies. Stops. Reconsiders. Pulls them back up and reassures me with “No, not wet.”

“Yes darling, if your pants are wet your underpants are wet and they need to come off.”

He starts tugging them again but yet again stops and tells me “I’ll just leave my undies on.”

Righto. That makes sense. Sorry I questioned your judgement.



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