Just add bacon


I have discovered over the last few years of cooking for boys, that a dinner that would be eaten with drawn back gums and cries of protest can be transformed into the best dinner ever made simply by adding bacon. I apologise to any kosher readers but this is the lay of the land in my house.

When listing the foods that they desire for a big breakfast it is not uncommon for bacon to be listed more than once, in truth it is often listed after every other item because it is just that important. Bacon, eggs, bacon, hash browns, bacon, etc.

I have never heard the answer to the question “What would you like on your sandwich/ wrap/ burger/ pillow?” not to somewhere include the words bacon. I may exaggerate slightly but I do emphasize slightly!

All manner of vegetables will be consumed if they are wrapped in or simply encouraged to co-mingle with bacon.

I think we may almost have the case for bacon as a food group all on it’s own. With even other pig products excluded. It can certainly make an appearance at any or all 3 meals and 2 snacks on any given day.

My family stopped cooking pork when I was relatively young after discovering some research that suggested there were health related benefits to abstinence from pig eating. So it was very much against the grain to be purchasing and preparing bacon in nearly every dish that I was making.

However in the words of Jane Austin and the opening line from Pride and Prejudice…It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a stomach, must be in want of bacon for dinner. (Or something like that.) And so it has been proven to me with the boys in my life.

*Image from http://www.ourbestbites.com/2010/04/quick-tip-cooking-bacon/


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