I didn’t know that was a thing

a thing

These are the words that came out of Husbands mouth as he watched me roll down the sleeves of his work shirts. The sleeves that he knowingly and purposefully rolls up and that for reasons that I can not quite understand thinks simply unroll themselves somewhere between him dropping them in the wash basket and taking them out of his wardrobe.

Let’s for one moment try and ignore the peculiar notion that the washing machine is capable of such wizardry and simply focus on the fact that he had no idea that this behind the scenes jiggery pokery was taking place. It made me think about all the possibly bizarre behind the scenes things that get done that nobody really knows get done. The small jobs, ridiculous jobs that probably go a long way to make the world function correctly but that people just don’t realise that somebody is doing.

Mine is obviously rolling down the pants and sleeves of family members before washing them.

But I wanted more, so I decided to ask google and I was amazed, amused and quite disturbed by some of the things I found. In no particular order…

Pet Food Taster Apparently there are people who are paid to eat pet food and make sure that it tastes like…what? I’m not really sure about that part. Do some hoity toity pets get annoyed when their canned beef tastes like chicken?

Bad Odour Smeller This one I found in 2 variations, breath and armpit. It would seem that in order to figure out if a company’s chewing gum or deodorisers are getting the job done someone has to smell the affected area.

UFO-logist As the name implies, ufologists are preoccupied with the study of all things UFO’s. Their “expertise” is turned to the full spectrum of UFO-logy; the history, recent events, government conspiracies, etc.

Chicken Sexer Far less exciting than it sounds, it would seem that there is a requirement for someone to metaphorically tie blue ribbons on the boy chickens and pink ribbons on the girls and make sure that all the blue chickens are put in one place and the pink ones in another.

IMAX Screen Cleaner Someone has to make sure it’s clean and you could safely see that something of that size would facilitate a full time job.

Hair Boiler description curtesy of Ask.com

A hair boiler is a person who operates a large vat for boiling animal hair which is used to make curling hair. The job of a hair boiler entails turning on valves to allow water into the vat. They then have to keep watch and wait for the animal hair to curl after which they open the outlet valves to let the boiled water out.

Face feeler It is their job to study faces that have been used to test products on, looking for any changes that have occurred as a result.

What strange things do you do that nobody might know about?

*Image from http://www.komepetfood.com/


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