Impending move


No one likes moving right?

Imagine for a moment that you are preparing to move and then suddenly you discover that in fact you are not moving. Well, not totally not moving but at least not moving yet and also not yet but with a convenient new date so that you can decide whether it is worth unpacking a few things. And when I say unpack a few things, I mean trying to find the few things that you really want to unpack by actually unpacking nearly everything. All in order to make life at least passably bearable in the interim between not moving and maybe moving.

Delightful thought, no? No.

This is what is going on for us right now. My children have to ask permission to wear socks because their socks are packed in a box that is under 6 other boxes that contain things that are heavy and can’t be moved easily by children, or to be honest can’t really be moved easily by anyone.

If you want something that is packed in a box, you need to have spent a decent portion of your youth playing Tetrus because it is those skills that you will be utilising to reposition and move boxes around so that you can re-open all the lids and peer inside hoping to goodness that you can remember which soft things you put on top of which oddly shaped things to fill up and make the best use of the boxes without adding too much weight so that you don’t have to physically rifle through every box in the room.

I expected to have everything moved and unpacked before their were 5 mouths in the family to feed and so I only have the crockery and cutlery to feed 3. We eat in shifts.

I wanted to bake something the other day but despite having every imaginable baking dish and tray under normal circumstances I currently don’t know where any of them are and I don’t ever want to bake badly enough to unpack all the kitchen boxes.

I fortuitously left out one pot and one pan, all meals need to be able to be cooked in said containers. This is more tricky than it immediately sounds. I have discovered this truth the hard way. It also often feels a lot like when the electricity goes off. You keep thinking of things that you’ll do and keep forgetting that you need the one thing that you don’t have to make it all possible.

I decided to make soup for dinner tonight, bought all the ingredients, mentally congratulated myself on having all the spices and other things I would need still not packed and it was only this morning that I realised I don’t have any way to blend it. I’m now just trying to decide if it’s more intolerable to have to door knock to find a blender to borrow or to simply eat lumpy pumpkin soup?

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