The lunchbox drama


It’s a tradgedy of Shakespearian proportion, not for the fainthearted!

It is certainly not something that you ever want to forget about for a few days, or heaven help you, the whole school holidays.

I am talking about the shady and unsavoury remnants of your children’s lunchboxes after they have had them at school without your supervision for a day.

In the morning you packed them very neatly with assorted delightful and nutritious things that would sustain them whilst they are learning all the things that have been decided are fit for them to be learning. And in the afternoon some sort of car crash, landslide, hurricane has torn through their bag and annihilated the entire contents of their lunchbox and redistributed it in a way that is quite unpleasant.

A soggy crust hangs helplessly pinched between the lid and base of the box. Discarded sandwich Gladwrap lies limply cradling a few forgotten tomato seeds. The spinach and feta pie that you suggested might be eaten by another member of the family should it prove unsatisfactory to the lunchbox owner has been thoughtfully stashed in the corner of the bag outside of the box and it’s protective tinfoil that would have maintained it’s edible integrity. Flakes of crust and spinach strands will be punctuating written homework for a few weeks to come.

Something that you didn’t pack has died an untimely death in there and is causing a stench that would make a grown man cry. After some serious investigation you discover that some time in the last week, he had tuna mayonnaise and a less thorough bag cleanout prior to this means that the now quite fetid treasure is all yours to deal with.

On another occassion I discovered an apple, long forgotten, gone from green to brown. From brown to skinned and from firm to smooshed, spread all across the bottom of the bag and through most of the pages of all of the books that were sharing the space with it.

Half eaten things are half rewrapped and pushed down to the bottom of the bag in order to stop the offence that they were causing the eater but leaving them to maliciously reoffend the unsuspecting bag cleaner later.

Oh it’s a minefield the lunchbox saga. A delicate balance between nourishing your child, packing what will be eaten, encouraging the non eater not to throw good food away and making sure that your child doesn’t find a way to exist entirely on the “sometimes” food group.

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