I love you too

ILoveYouTooA pair of small arms encircle my neck as a tiny but intense face presses itself up into mine. A hot little breath whispers into my ear “I love you too Mummy”. His face is etched with the raw emotion of his sentiment.

The fact that I have been woken up by his sentence and was asleep through the implied “I love you” to which he is responding is completely irrelevant to everyone involved in this conversation.

A partially opened set of warm lips press themselves against my own, meaningfully planted, sloppy but sweet the way only a 2 year old can. I don’t care at all.

“I kiss your mouth Mummy. I kiss your nose Mummy. I kiss your eyes Mummy. I kiss your ear Mummy. I kiss your other ear Mummy. I kiss your chin Mummy. I kiss you hair Mummy.” He tells me as he gifts his love to me through his words and actions.

He rains his little kisses all over my face and I am reminded of a time in my own childhood when I far less elegantly and with more years to my name attempted to rain kisses on my mother and sisters.

*Original image from http://www.magforwomen.com/10-reasons-why-saying-i-love-you-too-soon-is-a-bad-idea/


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