It’s all about the money


“So Heidi, now that the youngest Shaw is going into day care that frees you up to get a job.” I was informed by Master Shaw Number 1. In actual fact it happened the other way around because I found a job I needed to enrol my son into child care but not one to ruin a good story by insisting on the facts and also keen to gain insight into the workings of a child’s mind and hear exactly what’s what in the world according to being 8, I simply said “Hmmm” encouragingly and waited to see what happened next.

“If you get a job, you will be earning money as well and then I can get double pocket money.” Said the boy who already has double nearly everything and would by my count in fact be in line for triple pocket money but again, facts are not things to be troubling ourselves with when money is on the line.

Not to be left out of the fiscal discussions it was about a day later that Master Shaw Number 2 asked me if I was going back to work. On my affirmative answer he excitedly informed me that I would then have more money available to spend on him. Oh happy days. Perks I hadn’t even considered.

People often joke about mentally spending their money before they’ve even earned it and it seems I have at least 2 very keen little helpers on that score.

Master Shaw Number 3 doesn’t know the word job yet, I don’t think but he certainly knows about money. He quite likes to hand it out on my behalf. When we go shopping he always wants to pay, with the money in my wallet. Then just recently he has started talking about money in everyday conversation, perhaps he has heard his brothers mention it and realised it’s important. A few times now I have been having a chat with him and he will simply hold out his hand to ask for some sort of remuneration for continuing to listen to me and my ramblings. Lest you think he is a savvy business man and is merely flexing his money making muscle to his advantage, playing the game and working the system to a tune well beyond his years, he is not. It is only I who he charges for the privilege of his company, he offers to pay the dog to hang out with him.

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