Monkey Love


So while him being afraid of or upset by wearing his new monkey backpack would have been bad the current level of I-will-never-take-the-monkey-off-again-love is not so good for me either. Getting an unwilling child into a stroller or car seat is enough of a feat of parenting without having to unstrap and wrangle a monkey free first. Fists, insults and shoes can be seen flying in all directions around the melee. “Nap time is tricky enough without a big bad monkey strapped to your back” is something I now say and may also be said by other people that I hope I am never discussing midday naps with.

At first he wasn’t that keen on his monkey. He looked at it with disdain and screamed like monkey murder was about to be committed on himself and all of monkey kind. When I first tried to strap it onto him it was like the wrath of 10 000 monkeys rained down on me. However, I was not to be deterred I had spent good money and lots of time trying to find this thing and I wanted to be able to use it.

SO, as I have told you before, I did what any other self respecting mother would do. I strapped the monkey onto my own back and told it secrets. Oh how we laughed, the monkey and me. As soon as he realised that I was giving the monkey attention and enjoying his company my son wanted a piece of the monkey pie and jumped up to come and grab him off me to have him all to himself. And that was it, love at first jealousy. Since then it has grown into full blown monkey play time all day long.

He tells it secrets. He sleeps with it. He insists on holding it while we travel in the car. He eats with it, that’s messy. I did put my foot down on bathing with the monkey but the decision did not stand without protest. It is safe to say that the monkey is his new best friend.

The monkey came in a pack of 3 monkey products, and I think there was definitely some monkey business going on with the selection. The other 2 products are a car mirror for making eye contact with your baby when they have to face the rear of the car in the first 6 months of life and the other is a neck pillow that people often use for travelling. What these 3 products have to recommend themselves to being sold together as a boxed set in the baby section of a department store I have yet to figure out.

The other 2 boys fight over the pillow, they call it the snake monkey. It is a wonderful gift of kindness when you are bestowed with the snake monkey for the duration of any car trip. Nobody wants the monkey mirror though, apparently that’s just weird.

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