Thank you much


I get offered this statement of gratitude on completion of wiping a bottom. And they say a mothers job is thankless.

I consider myself polite but this is somewhat disconcerting, to be thanked so thankfully for a job you didn’t expect any thanks for at all. We were all just supposed to pretend that we weren’t there and it didn’t happen. I do have a good giggle every time though.

I must say that it is lovely to see him being grateful for things that I’ve been doing for so long and to some extent have stopped even thinking about as things that another person would be thankful for. Small children are not known for their gratefulness but I think they do need to take their parents for granted to some extent to feel loved and safe.

Other things aren’t quite so welcome, he has also started licking things, it’s just not right. I think he saw the dog doing it and that’s where it started but he’s taken to it and it’s obviously giving something back because it’s quickly become a favourite pastime these days. He licks clothes and skin, hands and feet and faces. It’s very uncomfortable for everyone else involved.

Being grateful is one thing, licking me to show me how grateful he is, is another thing and not a thing I want.

Equally amusing is the just as emphatic “Ahhh, no thank you mummy” which is offered when I suggest something that is not even slightly optional but that he isn’t wanting to do. Things like; clean up his toys, eat his vegetables or that it might be bed time. “Ahhh, no thank you mummy” he tells me. That is not a valid response.

Speaking of not valid responses, the other word that has now entered his vocabulary is NEED. I remember when the other two boys used to need things all the time.

I need to watch the Wiggles, he will tell me, pretty much constantly really. Or I need to play with the phone. I need a chocolate or chips. No, no dear child you don’t NEED these things, you want them and to give them to you is solely at my discretion.

Need to go to the park mummy. Well, to be honest, that’s probably fair. Either that or the house will suffer at the hands of a boy with too much go, so his needs and my needs need to be balanced here, the greater good I think they call that. Thank you much but I don’t like being a grown up all the time.

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