8 Things to do on a sunny day


In light of my rainy day post, I thought I’d add the alternative too. Here is a list of things that we might do to while the day away when it’s a hot summery one.

1. Ice: I put a block or two of ice in a bowl or colander and just let my child enjoy playing with the cold icy goodness of frozen water. It’s a winner here every time. Outdoors is best but on a towel inside, if it’s too hot to be out, seems to work ok for us.

2. Swimming: Naked obviously. We have a small blow up pool that is perfectly toddler sized and doesn’t require fancy equipment or hours to blow up. Alternatively in any bucket or large plastic cleaning bowl. My son has even been known to take a paddling dip in the dogs water bowl.

3. Spray bottles: We have every manner of shop bought water pistol in our backyard; super soakers, hand pump with trigger spray, trigger pump they are all here and they all like the newest one best until I, if I am stupid enough to, bring out a simple spray bottle. Then the war is on and it’s every man for the spray bottle. I never use one that’s had any chemicals in it before obviously but just fill a new one with water then I allow my child to squirt me with it for lots of laughter and also a bit of relief from the heat.

4. Make a paper fan: Fold paper over on itself back and forth to create a zig zag of the whole page. Staple or sticky tape one end together and the other opens up into a fan shape which you can use to fan each other. Again if you have a creative child, this could take longer in the decorating and design phase.

5. Water balloons: This activity requires a balloon efficient adult, which Husband is but I am not so much. Filling small plastic cups with water and tipping them on your toddlers head might work too depending on how full you fill the glass and your toddlers temperament. Or equally how keen you are to have the treatment administered to you.

6. Balls: bouncing and throwing up high, or just wildly about in a way that would illicit stern voices and raised eyebrows indoors. Also just to each other, this gives us a fair amount of entertainment and when it comes to bouncing I even get to sit down.

7. Running and jumping. Off the end of a ledge or over a stick or whatever your outdoor setting and tolerance to heat allows.

8. Ice cream: We make frozen fruit juice ice lollies, diluted with water. Then we enjoy them outdoors where they can drip all over my child without ruining my probably not very  clean floors.

*Image from http://www.susankirk.com.au/2012/sunflower-seeds-an-australian-success-story/


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