8 things to do on a rainy day


We have had a few rainy days of late and it has left me wondering if they leave anyone else slightly flummoxed with how to entertain their young. If you have a child that is able to sit still for the duration of a book or who is capable of creating with crafts you probably aren’t as stuck for rainy day ideas. Unfortunately, my child is not one of those sorts of children and is in fact unable to stay still for more than 5 seconds at a time. He is all about breaking, knocking down and ripping up, a state in which I do not prefer my house interiors. So in the interests of keeping our home homely here are my top 8 things to pass the time inside on a rainy day:

1. Tents and tunnels: The shop bought ones are great but most of the ones I’ve found are pretty small and homemade ones using chairs, sheets and a table work fine too. They also help add some variety to the mix. I put the chairs back to back, if they have backs, with a tunnel width between them and drape the sheet over the tops to form the tunnel. I push the table close enough to catch the end of the sheet and then you can use pillows to “secure” it. Another sheet over the table to drape down the sides makes your base or cubby tent. Once complete my boys always want water, snacks and guns inside. The usually have a password too.

2. Pillow fights : Our lounge is filled with a wide assortment of combat ready pillows and they are in almost constant use, beware of any potentially fatal injuries as discussed before.

3. Binoculars: I use 2 toilet rolls side to side and staple or tape them at each end. This makes a lovely pair of binoculars for people with close set eyes or small children. If you have crafty sorts you could paint and decorate, if you don’t it’s not required.

4. Balls: We line up empty juice bottles or boxes and have a competition to roll the balls into the bottles, like a mini homemade tenpin bowling lane. Or we just roll the balls to each other across the room or we try and hit certain points around the room, corners or couches, or anything that makes a noise.

5. Ballooons: We blow up one or two balloons and use them to play tennis or simply try and keep them in the air. This provides hours of screeching and delighted activity in our house.

6. Running Hide and Seek: As mentioned before, my son doesn’t stay still very well so I always have to be the one to hide. He starts looking for me regardless of whether he’s hidden or not. So I’ll start running away from him and duck behind the couch or the door or whatever I can find to hide behind in time. When he finds me I jump out and roar loudly and then while he collects himself I run away and hide again. Obviously if you have a child that scares easily and doesn’t enjoy nearly peeing their pants perhaps don’t shout when you jump out from hiding. Repeat as many times as you can bear or still breathe.

7.Box fun: Nappy boxes are great for climbing into, hiding under, putting things into or generally just messing about with.

8. Towers: We have finally gotten to the stage where we can put more than 2 things on top of each other without having to smash it down immediately. He still smashes down anyone else’s tower immediately but he can attend to his own for at least 5 things these days. Either way the building and smashing of their own and each others towers causes much pride, team work, angst and frustration. 4 emotions in one day.

*Image from http://thesavageworld.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/rainy-days/


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