I hello


This sentence is the current favourite with the youngest member of my family. He would like to say hello to all manner of people that he knows at any time of the day or night especially if he thinks that saying hello to any of these people might possibly result in him being left with a phone in his hands.

He is also very taken with saying hello to any and all animals that we may encounter in the suburban wilds. I am constantly being pushed and pulled around parks to say hello to the birds and dogs that happen to be happening past. He seems to think that if he can see a bird perched up on a telephone wire or in the tippy top branches of a tree it is entirely reasonable to request that his mother lift him up high enough to be able to say hello and give a jaunty wave in the face of the bird. He has not been best pleased with my performance on this to date. We have whiled away many an afternoon attempting to meet and greet the ground dwelling park pigeons of our local. He just can’t seem to grasp the concept that they don’t want him any nearer than about 10 feet and his extremely loud and jovial hellos shouted at the highest decibel he has mastered is not in fact the best opening line to a life long friendship between bird and man. So we follow the birds around and hope that one day one will allow him to pat it and say hello properly.

By far and away the most amusing thing that my son has to date chosen to say hello to is his doodle. I found him on the toilet this morning giving a firm handshake and a friendly hello to his nether regions. He then took great pains to turn the microphone up towards his face so that he could be heard properly. Never was a boy so pleased to meet someone, I’m not sure what they were discussing but there was much laughter and hilarity.

It can also be quite embarrassing at times, being asked to be able to say hello to anyone and everyone that is around, especially for a person like myself who would far rather stick to the outskirts of any large public gatherings and not say anything to anyone. Well, not quite but being forced to interact with everybody on the whim of a 2-year-old is not my usual method of how to make friends and influence people. He was particularly taken with all the buskers that we passed in circular quay just recently. He would quite happily have gone over for a hello with the man juggling fire, a baton and a sword, as he was juggling them, had his mother not insisted on safety over social engagement.

I know I should be pleased that he is aware of and interested in interacting with the world around him and I am. Sometimes though, it would be nice to have a quiet stroll and enjoy nature and people watching in a less in your face fashion.

*Image from http://www.bubblews.com/news/1861576-hello-bubblers


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