Science is real


The 4 year old is completely obsessed with science experiments. I am not sure exactly how it started but I think I’ve been an enabler and I helped feed his addiction.

“Can we do the one where we mix yellow food colouring with oil?”, he asked. I don’t know that one but it seems largely pointless since they are both yellow liquids and neither is particularly volatile. So we didn’t and if you do based on this post, I can not be held responsible for the consequences. Which I suspect would be extreme boredom and yellower oil. Instead I did a frantic and surupticious google search whilst chatting calmly about far superior experiments we should try.

We; Google, the 4 year old and I decided on  bicarbonate of soda in a glass of vinegar. I am pleased to say it was a sizzling success! And so the path to Science as a way of daily life was begun.

For Christmas he got a science kit. With goggles that we insist he wears as soon as he so much as looks at his science kit, for safety reasons of course. And giggle factor.

The highlight for me so far, has to be a bowl of milk with drops of various different colours of food colouring dropped in separately so they don’t mix. Then you drop a single drop of dish washing detergent into the middle of the splodged milk mixture and watch a kaleidoscope of colours swirl around the bowl. It works because there are numerous steps for the young scientist to get involved with. You need to use a pipette if you have one but you really don’t, if you don’t. It’s wonderfully bright and colourful. And most people would have everything they need at home in their cupboard, all ready to go. Feel free to try this at home. You’re welcome.

The only downside of this wonderfully educational and edifying hobby is that we no longer have any glasses in the house available for their intended use, which is drinking things out of. They are all being used. There are currently 4 on my kitchen window sill. Two are being used to dissolve eggs in vinegar and the other two are attached to each other with a piece of wool to allow salt crystals to build from the salt saturated water solutions contained in both.

We are the pinnacle of discovery and development here at Chez Shaw but we aren’t able to drink any water, except out of our cupped hands. Neanderthals with science degrees. The modern world in action.


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