He has always been a climber. Pretty much from the moment he could move he wanted to get as high as possible. Our first home had a large bookcase, floor to ceiling, he got to the 3rd tier before he was able to walk. He started walking at 9 months. He started climbing at 5 months.

He discovered rather early on that drawers make perfect steps that lead on to the top of counters, desks, bedside tables and all kinds of other structures which foolish parents might have considered a safe place to put dangerous items out of reach of small children. The bench is his favourite. There is unlimited potential to do bodily harm across the bench. Knives, kettles, the sink, or even the edge with a backwards fall straight back down where he came from. The best is the stove though, one wayward bottom cheek and the heat is on. Literally.

Of course there is usually food up there too. The kind of food that ones mother has decided should be eaten in small quantities and stored out of reach of people with short legs. The sort of people who might not yet understand the benefit of such restrictions. Unfortunately the shortest legged people in this house also know where all the chairs live and are not afraid to use them. To get a leg up, as it were.

He also climbs inside the fridge. Those shelves, that people insist on putting inside them, must have been invented for the express purpose of allowing people with this leg challenge to navigate the inside. He can pilfer any of the spoils his little heart desires and for any of you in any doubt, his little heart has many desires. He probably takes after his mother in that regard.

His latest climbing feats include the bunk beds, without the use of any ladders and his cot. Both these dubious accolades hold a myriad of concerns for people that wish to keep him safe. The bunk bed is high and really that’s probably all that needs to be said about that. The cot is just plain annoying. Oh, and also quite high. As he gets more tired his coordination becomes less catlike and more koala falling out of a gumtree. Less ninja soft feet padding to the ground in readiness for adventure and more full body belly flop.

Things that aren’t climbable, he will try to climb those too. Sometimes half way up his chosen target gravity and his weight will cause the whole shemozzle to topple over and hit the ground. Never mind.

“As long as I get everything to stand upright again, I can have another go”, he thinks to himself, “because the problem can’t be that I weigh too much for a pedestal fan to hold me at it’s top most point or as I shimmy up it’s stem. It must simply be that I did it wrong the first time and if I do it right, I’ll be grand”

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