He will not wear one when you need him to. I frequently need him to, for sun protection or rain protection and really only ever for his own good. He doesn’t care.

I have a pram with a little sunshade, I thought I was so very cunning when I made the purchase. He would be protected and nothing has to actually sit on his head, surely he would leave it alone. Surely not.

He grabbed it and pulled it down so much that all the fasteners stretched down and he ended up wearing the sunshade around his neck, like some sort of middle ages headdress. We walk around in the pram and he wears the sunshade metal structure around his neck, not on his head at all.

What will he wear on his head? Anything and everything else that even remotely resembles head shaped. The mixing bowl, his brothers scrum cap, a decorative fez he found on the statue of a cat, face cloths, dvd cases, pants and underwear. Anything that amuses or frustrates him seems to end up on his head. For a little while anyway.

He was trying to put his pants on the other day. He kept lifting one foot up as he was walking along and hoping that as he stepped it down, it would miraculously end up inside the trouser leg. He tripped himself up and did a stomping dance but still the pants remained legless. Eventually in frustration he pulled the waist of the pants over his head and did a lap of defeat around the lounge.

He finds his brothers hats around the house and likes to wear those, always backwards. His oldest brothers school hat has a train down the back to protect his neck on the school playground. He wears that backwards too. The train down over his face and his little eyes peeping through the gap between the hat and the train. It looks like a burkha. He wears a burkha inside the house but he won’t wear a cap, the right way round, in the sunshine.

I think his head is the physical thinking ground for things he hasn’t figured out what to do with yet. He will put whatever it is that he needs knowing about onto his head. Perhaps in the hope that the proximity to his brain will allow him to determine it’s function? I don’t know, I just know that it’s quite clearly his head and he is the only one allowed to decide on it’s residents.


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