Pants down

pants downNow I’m sure you’re thinking, you already told us boys like to get naked, we don’t need to hear about that again. But I am not talking about his pants this time, I am talking about mine. You are probably wondering why I’m standing here without any pants on? Let me tell you. It’s because my child pulled them off me.

I am not sure what he is hoping to achieve with this caper. He has only ever, so far, done it at home and usually in the kitchen, when I am doing something that requires my hands and undivided attention and he doesn’t appreciate being ignored. This means that thus far, the reaction he has received is, exactly nothing. I simply continue to do the pants free version of whatever it was I was doing before his below the belt protest. Except for the odd wolf whistle or gutter comment from Husband it has been business as usual.

A mother I know tells a lovely story of taking a couple of her children out on a shopping trip one day and needing to negotiate the escalator; with a baby, a pram and a toddler. She, the baby and the pram went up on one step, the toddler and her skirt came up, or is that down, on the step below. Brings a whole new dimension to having your hands full.

Anyway, back to my kitchen and my pants, which to recap, are in a puddle around my ankles on the floor. His next step is trying to wrestle my feet off the ground, usually both at the same time. He’s very strong you see and not very wise to the way the world works, as yet. He is trying to grab my pants so that he can run off with them. He thinks he knows that I’ll have to chase him if there is nakedness involved, that always happens to him! And then perhaps you now realise that I have been speaking of both my English and my Australian pants. He tosses my Australian pants aside relatively quickly, they are too bulky and they’ll just slow him down. Then he’s off. There is nothing that fills a mothers heart with more pride than standing around in the lower body nude, watching her toddler make his get away wearing her knickers as a hat.

Stay tuned for the sequel to this post, pants down in public, which I’m sure will be making it’s way to a computer screen near you in the not too distant future!

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