Getting naked

getting naked

My son loves to get naked. He takes his own clothes off, as often as he can. I just found him with his naked bottom stuck in the air, fast asleep in his cot. His nappy and pyjama bottoms were discarded on the floor just like the useless kill joys that they are. He has secretly taken his pyjamas off before, while he is supposed to be sleeping, more than once. I think it’s his last vestige of rebellion before he gives in to the sleep. I have changed a lot of wet sheets. Once he managed to paint himself into a corner of his cot by soiling the entire perimeter of his mattress, the result has left Husband scarred for life.

Once naked, you have to catch him in order to clothe him again. Riotous fun. Mind the spills.

He can also be polite about it and ask for his clothes to be removed. We have a range of activities that you probably didn’t know were good for doing naked; trampolining, exercising, sweeping the grass and riding your bike.

I have noticed that once naked, there appears to be a consensus amoung all the young boys I know,  that it is excellently pleasurable to jingle their jangles. It seems to be the most natural thing in the world for them to want to shake their collective booties as soon as things are free from their cotton prisons. Great big glee filled smiles accompany any kind of exposed flesh fest. They will happily play at traumatising any and all relatives unfortunate enough to be within the vicinity of their nakedness. Amusingly, on seeing me dressed for a work out the other day. In shorty shorts and a sports top, I was accused of being naked and the appropriate sounds of disgust were forthcoming. Something about pots and black kettles would fit here.

Tugging seems to be another favourite naked activity. I’m not sure if it’s in the vain hope of extending things, attempting to hurry along natures course, or if they are simply fun to twiddle and tweak. I’d guess the latter. It is safe to say, as far as I can tell, that a boys relationship with his nether regions, begins at an early age.

I have been heard to say that my favourite part of my sons body, are his little legs. They are in equal parts baby chubby and perfectly shaped. I melt when he gets his legs out. So perhaps he has ulterior motives for getting naked, perhaps he has noticed that nude mischeif has a higher rate of tolerance than it’s clothed counterparts.

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3 thoughts on “Getting naked

  1. I laughed so much at this!
    I am often subjected to ‘tugging’. My eldest son manages to multitask tugging with most other daily activities – eating, drawing, one handed scooter riding…
    His response to ‘that’s not a toy, you don’t need to play with it all day’ is:
    (very earnestly) ‘Mum, it is a toy, yes I will play with it’
    Um, OK.

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