Weight Lifting

handweightsI enjoy lifting weights to keep fit. The boys love weights. There is always a fight for the blue dumbbells. There are only a couple light enough for them to lift and sometimes I want to use those. Selfish, I know. How dare I have a personal agenda when they are showing an interest in what I’m doing.

I have a song track to which I perform interval training. As soon as the work phase beat kicks in, my son grabs the closest dumbbell and gets his squat on.

It is interesting to me that at age two, he watches and simply tries to copy my exercises. He sees what I’m doing and tries to the best of his,  as yet, uncoordinated abilities to do what I do. This seems, more or less, to hold till about age 6. Then, in my limited experience, boys forget they have legs or any need to work out the lower half of their bodies and simply aim to lift the heaviest thing they can lay their hands on, as high in the air as they can possibly reach, which at some point obviously matures into concentrated upper body workouts.

It gladdens my heart and makes me ever more aware of the incredible influence we have over the little people in our care, just by the way we live our lives every day. I am often reminded by the boy folk, that it’s time to exercise. “We haven’t done our exercise yet today.”, or “It’s time to exercise now”, they’ll suggest. I am in equal parts proud and annoyed. Sometimes one of them will break into some form of my exercise routine, randomly, just to pass the time between other activities.

“I have done 10 on this side”, I’ll be told, by a proud weight toting boy person. It amuses me endlessly that they are all, completely convinced, that they are the strongest man that ever lived. Despite being out wrestled by the brother, one up on them on the age ladder, every time. Or for that matter, out hand weight lifted by a mere girl. Logic and perspective are of no use to a boy when he and his testosterone are working out.

“Hmmm”, declared a deliciously pot belied young man, surveying his naked torso in the mirror, “Definitely a six pack.” he declared pleased. I do wonder why he knows about six packs and hope that his self esteem will remain childlike and unshakable for a good long time. I can’t stop now though, I’ve got to go fight for the blue dumbbells.

* Image from http://www.maudesport.com/reebok_rubber_hand_weights